Elservier's Engineering Village Combines Georef Database with Google Maps

May 23, 2008

Engineering Village, an Elsevier online search platform, announced the addition of the American Geological Institute’s GeoRef database to its content offerings. The new GeoRef database and Engineering Village’s existing GeoBase database have both been combined with Google Maps. The addition allows for plotting geographic locations that are included in GeoRef and GeoBase search results on a digital map. GeoRef provides Engineering Village with a history of geology and its subfields and GeoBase supplies a database of bibliographic information and abstracts for the earth sciences. Using Google Maps, search results from these two databases can be navigated by zooming in, out, moving around, or rolling over an icon to find out which location it represents and how many records are associated with that location.

(www.engineeringvillage.com/georef, www.elsevier.com)