ElectionMall Resells Intranets.com Suite for Political Campaigns

Mar 26, 2004

Intranets.com, a provider of on-demand collaboration services, has announced that ElectionMall Technologies, Inc. (EMT), a provider of election technology solutions, is reselling the company's online collaboration suite nationwide to political campaigns of all sizes. With Intranets.com from EMT, campaign members, organizers, and volunteers have access to a private online forum where they can share documents, plan events, strategize, and manage the overall campaign process, regardless of location. EMT customizes the Intranets.com online collaboration suite with special templates and forms designed specifically for its election team customers. Intranets.com from EMT comes with a set of collaboration applications including a document library, online calendar, discussion threads, online polls, and more.  The solution is available for about $10 per user with special volume discounts for large installations.  

(http://www.electionmall.com), (http://www.intranets.com)