Ektron's CMS Supports Macromedia ColdFusion, .NET Sites

Jul 29, 2005

Ektron has announced that CMS400.NET now supports ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and ASP as well as ASP.NET sites. Ektron's new multiplatform support is intended to allow Web developers to continue using programming languages they are skilled in, while leveraging the functionality of CMS400.NET, including core CMS functionality and numerous advanced features. Additionally, developers can integrate Ektron's solution into an existing ColdFusion, ASP, JSP or PHP site with little or no change to existing code.

Ektron is intended to allow organizations to improve connectivity between Internet, Intranet, and portal sites, even if they are built in different environments. CMS400.NET's features include integrated document management, an online forms engine, calendar module, XML indexing for advanced search, content translation/localization, RSS support, and a new Explorer-like interface. With an open API, developers can customize the Ektron system.