Ektron Unveils eWebEditPro+XML Version 4.1

Apr 30, 2004


Ektron Inc., has introduced enhancements to its browser-based authoring tool, eWebEditPro+XML. eWebEditPro+XML Version 4.1 enhanced features include new data field types, mathematic functions, and advanced validation options for designing smart forms for XML. The tool is designed to integrate with content management solutions, CRM and other applications, reporting systems, and documentation repositories to use, share, and extend data across Web sites, applications, and other organizations.

The XML editor can now, at the form creator's choice, prevent data from being submitted and saved if validation requirements are not met. Users are notified (via a customizable dialog box) if any information they are trying to submit is not valid. The validation capabilities ensure the accuracy and consistency of data and documents. eWebEditPro+XML's "data design" mode offers a graphical, drag-and-drop method to create XML forms that can be deployed to internal business users on a Web site or intranet. Examples of the forms created with eWebEditPro+XML include HR-oriented forms, such as intranet-based expense reports, requests for purchase, and employee self-evaluations; healthcare forms such as patient records; product catalogs; or parts requisitions forms.

Ektron provides Web content management software and editor tools that are designed to enable anyone to author, manage, and publish HTML and XML content for Web sites, intranets, and Web applications. Ektron's browser-based solutions include the Ektron CMS family, the eWebEditPro and eWebEditPro+XML editors, and WebImageFX image editor.