Ektron Unveils RSS syndication in WCM Solutions

Jun 03, 2003


Ektron has released RSS syndication as a new addition to Ektron CMS300 and CMS200 Web content management systems. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is an XML-based specification that makes Web content available for "feeding" or publishing from a Web site to Web users. With RSS, organizations can syndicate or publish some of their site content to another site or to RSS content aggregators (which are designed for the consumption of RSS feeds.) Individual Web users access RSS-fed content via commercially available RSS browsers. With these free or low-cost tools, end users specify which RSS feeds they want, receive alerts when newly syndicated information is available, then browse and view the content of their choice. With Ektron's RSS capabilities, organizations can syndicate content from a CMS200- or CMS300-empowered Web site to any RSS-aware Web site, program or content aggregator. The site owner gives individuals the opportunity to opt in to their RSS feed. Individuals are alerted when new content is posted. Until recently, the process for syndicating content involved the creation of an RSS document for each shared content item. Within Ektron CMS200 or 300, the site owner identifies the specific content to be syndicated and the system dynamically creates RSS documents as end-users publish specified content.