Ektron Supports Social Networking With CMS400.NET Version 7.5

Nov 30, 2007

November 28, 2007

EktronInc., a provider of web content management software, unveiled Version 7.5 ofEktron CMS400.NET, featuring search and forum enhancements, a Web 2.0 toolbox,and support for social networking. The new social networking platform providesout of the box functionality for communicating with friends and colleagues,discovering people, groups and information, interaction with content andpeople, and developing your own personalized workspace, making EktronCMS400.NET the industry’s most powerful solution of community themed featuresfor websites of all sizes. Ektron’s new release also adds taxonomy support toits threaded discussions. This allows Ektron CMS400.NET customers to buildcommunity driven knowledge bases where posters categorize threads and rateposts, helping others find answers to questions and saving the cost of needlesscustomer service calls.