Ektron Releases Ektron eWebWP Editor

Nov 05, 2002

Ektron, Inc. has released Ektron eWebWP, a browser-based WYSIWYG editor designed for text formatting. Web developers can use this technology to provide word-processor features to Web site users. Ektron eWebWP offers a familiar toolbar with functions including bold, italics, underline, bullet, indent, copy, paste, font type, and hyperlink. Ektron eWebWP is designed to require no installation, load quickly, and be available to users on client platforms supported by the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player. Web developers replace text area fields with Ektron eWebWP, giving anyone with an Internet connection and a Web browser access to a word processor-like toolbar. Installation is not required because Ektron eWebWP runs on any standard browser with Macromedia Flash Player installed. This WYSIWYG editing tool designed for business end-users features advanced functionality including international language support, advanced table and image support, cascading style sheets, a customizable toolbar, and more. For current Ektron eWebEditPro customers seeking an alternative to text area fields for Mac-based end-users, eWebWP offers enhanced editing capabilities. Etkron eWebWP is available now from Ektron and from more than 300 VAR and distribution partners worldwide.