Ektron Integrates CMS and Authoring Tool in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

Feb 06, 2004

Ektron Inc., a provider of Web content management and authoring software, has announced product integrations with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003. The company's flagship content management solution, CMS300, and editor tool, Ektron eWebEditPro, will now work within SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Organizations can leverage their investment in SharePoint to support intranets and extranets, while gaining a rich content editor and a robust CMS to enhance their content, workflow and overall presentation of Web-based information.

The integration of Ektron eWebEditPro means SharePoint users take advantage of Ektron's HTML authoring capabilities to create and modify content. eWebEditPro has a browser-based user interface and a customizable toolbar, simplifying content creation while hiding HTML creation from business users.

The integration of Ektron CMS300 into Sharepoint means organizations can create information feeds into SharePoint out of the CMS300 content repository, and edit SharePoint content with the built-in eWebEditPro editor. Ektron has developed nine drag-and-drop Web Parts, or components; such as list summaries, search and calendar functions that can be used in SharePoint to optimize information sharing.  Users can pull content authored and managed in CMS300 into SharePoint and share it with others.

Ektron CMS300 is redefining Web content management by changing the way organizations manage their Web sites and intranets.  CMS300 makes it easy for non-technical content authors to create, edit, and manage HTML and XML Web content, and syndicate it to multiple locations and devices. It frees Webmasters and IT staff to focus on more critical projects - but still control "look and feel."  Intuitive and easy to integrate, any content contributor can feel comfortable with CMS300. CMS300 includes

eWebEditPro+XML, Ektron's highly acclaimed editor that allows organizations to create HTML and XML content.

Ektron eWebEditPro is a browser-based content editor that lets users create and publish HTML content. By using WYSIWYG authoring tools, business users create Web-publishable content without needing to know HTML. Developers can customize Ektron editors by defining the user interface or controlling the environment in the Web page. Ektron's editors help to inspire users and developers to come up with new and innovative approaches to plan for a future of Web content success.