Ektron Enhances Authoring Capabilities in Microsoft CM Server 2002

Oct 11, 2002


Ektron, Inc. has announced a formal technology relationship with Microsoft Corp., whereby Ektron supports integration of Ektron eWebEditPro and eWebEditPro+XML in Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. Ektron is one of a group of software vendors chosen by Microsoft to extend the functionality of Content Management Server. Ektron eWebEditPro, the browser-based, multilingual XHTML content editor, offers word-processor-like capabilities to non-technical users and customization options for Web developers. eWebEditPro+XML extends the functionality of eWebEditPro by adding a WYSIWYG XML authoring environment. Additional Ektron features for Microsoft include compatibility with Microsoft Word, style sheet (CSS) control with style classes, table and image functionality, and support for content authoring and spell checking in any Windows-supported language. Currently, Ektron eWebEditPro dialogs are available in 15 languages.