Ektron Announces Digital Experience Hub

Nov 08, 2011

Ektron, empowering organizations to fully realize websites' marketing and revenue-generating potential, announced the Ektron Digital Experience Hub, at Synergy 2011. The Digital Experience Hub is a new product that connects web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, customer relationship management and web analytics within the Ektron environment, powered by the Ektron ContextBus--a new integration layer that passes content and context between connected marketing applications.

The Digital Experience Hub provides out-of-the-box integrations into popular marketing applications from companies like Webtrends, Marketo, Microsoft and Salesforce.com. The DXH is designed to be extensible, with Ektron and its partners planning on delivering new integrations in the future.

Key integration points include:

  • CRM - The DXH creates a bi-directional connection between Ektron and the CRM, allowing companies to connect web visits to leads and to personalize the website based on CRM attributes.
  • Marketing Automation - The DXH synchronizes digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels by using the context of campaign responses to deliver personalized messaging.
  • Email marketing - The DXH allows marketers to share content between Ektron and email, providing the ability for companies to speak with a single voice across digital channels.
  • Web analytics - The DXH empowers content managers to make data-driven decisions by bringing web analytics data into the context of the content authoring lifecycle.