Ektron Announces CMS300 Version 4.5

Jun 04, 2004


Ektron Inc., a provider of Web content management and authoring software, has announced Ektron CMS300 Version 4.5. The new version is intended to offer a more intuitive user experience, Web-based form capabilities, and enhanced calendar features. CMS300 Version 4.5 is designed to reduce the time to market of data and reports by giving marketing teams the power to create and deploy Web-based forms, to capture validated information, and to take action on the information. For example, a user can collect visitor information on a public-facing Web form, save it in a repository, export it to Microsoft Excel, and use it to run marketing campaigns.

Features of CMS300 Version 4.5 include: HTML forms management--validation criteria can be assigned to public-facing HTML Web forms. Business users can click and choose several validation rules to HTML form fields, ensuring that data collected on Web sites meets specific criteria. Once collected data is stored in a repository. Users can also auto email form data as well as export as XML to a third party application. eWebEditPro+XML V4.1--The newest version of Ektron's browser-based XML authoring tool is embedded in CMS300. It gives users the ability to create XML "smart" forms for internal deployment, collect and validate data, and display it in multiple outputs. The editor now includes spreadsheet-like math capabilities and other attributes. Calendar enhancements--Enable events to span multiple dates; events can be created once and set to recur on a regular schedule. Web visitors can view similar events on a calendar in a single view. Menus--CMS300 allows business users, not only developers, to maintain and control multi-level navigation menus, and include items such as content blocks, library assets, external hyperlinks, forms, and other menus.