Ektron Adds New Scalability Features to Its Web CMS

Jan 28, 2003

Ektron has unveiled features that are designed to enhance flexibility and scalability of Ektron CMS200 and Ektron CMS300, including new support for Microsoft Active Directory and new load balancing functionality. Based on customer requests, Ektron's browser-based content management products will scale more readily for mid- and large-sized deployments. The company has enabled a limited number of users to manage approximately 2,500 content blocks in two languages. Organizations using Ektron's technology can manage users and user groups from Microsoft Active Directory to save time and enhance security via centralized user administration and single-point authentication. With Ektron's load balancing support, site assets (images, files, etc.) are uploaded to an Ektron-specific default directory, and to additional folders or servers according to load balance requirements. Ektron CMS200 offers word processor-like editing, a permission model and multi-step workflow, along with international language support, metadata support, an API for user- maintained navigation, style sheet support, syndication, teaser display, Microsoft 2000-like administration, a Windows Explorer-like interface, and more. Ektron CMS300, a browser-based XML content management system, offers all Ektron CMS200 features, plus capabilities that enable users to create XML using Smart Web Forms. By combining Ektron CMS300 with XSLT and XML schemas, organizations can enforce content style and page layout, ensure content validity, and optimize content for reuse to various consumers or devices. Active Directory and load balancing features are available in enterprise editions of version 3.1 of Ektron CMS200 and CMS300. Ektron CMS200 and CMS300 (enterprise priced at $12,999 and $19,999 respectively) run on Microsoft Windows servers.