Ektron Adds Document Management Functionality to CM Portfolio

Mar 15, 2005

Ektron Inc. has announced the release of DMS400, a document management system that is designed to support the requirements of mid-market and enterprise-level organizations by enabling them to bring their information assets under control in a coherent, automated way. With DMS400 knowledge workers can collaborate on projects, as well as rapidly search and access documents, images, multimedia and other information assets within a process-driven Web-based solution.

Ektron DMS400 is intended to enable organizations to streamline processes for creating, editing, publishing, and sharing documents and other assets while providing organizations with real-time monitoring of information to address accountability and auditing issues associated with managing these files. Because it is integrated with Microsoft technologies, individuals can create and manage Microsoft Office files, and a range of additional file types including PDF's, images, and audio and videos files. It also enables users to collaborate on projects and search and access documents via the Web.

Features of Ektron DMS400 include: Collaboration tools for knowledge workers and managers to share information, work together on document and content-related projects, publish information to the Web, and foster an environment for improved productivity. Automation tools that provide a process-driven framework linking workers and streamlining manual tasks, automating the steps for projects from start to finish. Reporting tools to place real-time information about people, process, and information at the desktop of administrators and managers; allows organizations to make the best use of resources by identifying and correcting inefficiencies. Search functionality lets individuals locate and access documents and assets based on indexed criteria and full text regardless of whether the information is on the public or Intranet site or in DMS400. Industry-specific business process automation allows any organization to eliminate previously manual, paper-based business processes and tasks by automating them on the Web. Globalization tools support organizations' growing need to reach new markets and communicate with multilingual audiences with speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Ektron DMS400 is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework. The integration of Ektron's document management system and Ektron's content management solutions gives organizations the ability to manage and publish documents and other file types to Web sites, intranets, extranets, and portals. Ektron CMS and DMS solutions share a common user interface, workflow model, security model, and provide a Microsoft-centric environment for end users, administrators and developers. Ektron DMS400 is currently available as an add-on to the Ektron CMS product line. Pricing begins at $11,400 for a 10-seat CMS-DMS bundle and $46,000 for an enterprise bundle (unlimited users). DMS400 will be available as a stand-alone product in May.