Egi and Kofax Partner to Establish New Standard in Electronic Records Management Systems

Nov 26, 2002


Eguanxi (egi) Inc. has announced an application partnership with Kofax to help enterprises implement effective conversion of existing paper records into the advanced electronic record management system provided by egi. The partnership is intended to enable enterprises to combine records from disparate data sources, manage electronic records, and use the records as data sources for multiple enterprise-wide applications. The Web-enabled solution allows information to be displayed and accessed remotely with a standard browser interface and provides fine-grained, role-based security access controls. The system is designed to facilitate significant cost savings, potential gains in customer satisfaction, and greater work efficiency from instantly accessible, universally available knowledge assets. The Ascent Capture platform for enterprise document and data capture economically and reliably captures large volumes of critical business information from paper as well as electronic sources such as XML, print streams, email, application files, photos and Web forms. The application manages the process, indexes and validates the captured content, and then releases it through a library of custom integration modules developed for document and record management systems. With Ascent, document and data capture may be distributed throughout the enterprise, accelerating enterprise-wide access to information. Data indexing and validation can be handled at low-cost sites anywhere in the world through Ascent's browser-based Web Validation Server.

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