Educational and Blog Search Companies Launch Safe Blogging Tool

Sep 13, 2005

ePALS Classroom Exchange, an Internet collaborative classroom network, and, a tool for anyone tracking what people are saying about the topics they care about, have announced a joint partnership to develop and release ePALS StudentBlog, a safe and protected blogging tool designed for teachers, students, and parents to search, publish, and share classroom projects across cultures and continents in an age-appropriate environment. ePALS StudentBlog monitors relevant blogs and Web feeds for matches to students' subscriptions, filters out inappropriate postings, and delivers the results in real time. The solution's prospective search engine delivers ongoing matches to student and teacher queries by making them persistent. Prospective search registers queries and evaluates them against every new document published as it is discovered. Matched results can be delivered as an RSS or Atom feed into a news aggregator or read on the Web.