Edition Digital Releases a Content Hub Solution

Oct 06, 2016

Edition Digital, the company behind the Smart Digital Publishing System, a SaaS publishing platform, introduced its new solution – a content hub. The cloud-based content distribution service enables you to create, edit, and manage a collection of third party feeds as well as your own articles and digital editions. A customized mixture of content is viewable at one web address and it’s fully responsive, so it can be viewed on any screen size. Users can set up Edition Digital’s content hub in a day, with no coding.

Edition Digital describes a content hub as a solution that answers the needs of a modern marketer and offers a slick alternative to more traditional online communication channels such as a websites, blogs, and social media. Because every business relies on a vital relationship with customers, it’s essential for brands, authors, agencies, organizations and publishers of all sizes to get real-time content delivery done right. Marketers need to rethink the distribution process, speed it up, and make it responsive.

With absolutely no coding, Edition Digital’s content hub solution can be implemented within a day. You’ll be working with only one web application that enables you to create, edit, and manage a collection of different entries like links to websites and blog post, videos, social media feeds, quotes, surveys, signup forms, as well as your own articles and digital editions with just a few clicks.

Edition Digital’s content hub features:

  • A repository that aggregates content and data from any external source with real time updates, lets you redesign the desired content in order to personalize it, and gets you online within a day.
  • Responsive design available across all screen sizes.
  • In-built SEO tools that will enable your audience to find relevant content quickly.
  • Easy to start thanks to ready-made templates. A variety of customization options is available to suit your exact needs.
  • Advanced analytics with real-time reporting of behaviural data.
  • Can be used as an independent communication channel or simply embedded into your existing website in a matter of seconds via iframe.
  • The solution allows restricted access – to use the hub within internal groups or as a private knowledge base.