Edgar Online Expands 8-K Filing Information

Apr 23, 2004

EDGAR Online, Inc. has announced that it will release a new version of its EDGAR News service in an effort to keep investors apprised of more event-driven disclosures. The expanded EDGAR News will distribute headlines and key disclosures extracted from filings of SEC form 8-K. EDGAR Online supports the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's new corporate disclosure rules for 8-K reporting that were issued in March 2004. The expanded EDGAR News service will be available in August 2004, as the new 8-K reporting requirements and deadlines take effect. EDGAR Online corporate customers can incorporate EDGAR News into their own intranet applications. In addition, individuals can view EDGAR News through the company's EDGAR Online Pro service. Customers may also configure EDGAR News to send them alerts via email when news about specified companies becomes available.