Ebook Maestro Announces New Update

Mar 17, 2006

EBook Maestro announces the release of an update to its ebook compiler EBook Maestro. In version 1.50, the program now supports all multimedia formats and helps embed flash, shockwave, and other visual elements into a single executable.

EBook Maestro offers various means of content protection from disabling cut-and-paste and printout to on-line registration and limited use for unregistered copies. Besides making ebooks, it provides features for multimedia presentations, ezines, offline Web sites, training and educational courses, advertisement and promotion letters, and other kinds of publications. For each type of project the user can make a template with settings and reuse it in the future. Its interactive features are enabled through form processing. Users can designate a Web site that will process the reader input making the epublications more "responsive" to the reader. The reader input can also be processed and stored inside the book itself. A buy page and a customizable bottom bar are directed to the same end. They can carry links for more information or advertise product sites. EBook Maestro v1.50 features include: the ability to compile standalone ebooks with a table of content and embedded objects; a customizable interface for compiled ebooks; support for embedded script (via Windows Script Host), flash, shockwave and other multimedia; the ability to embed search and text-to-speech features; strong content protection (checksum control, disabling of drag-and-drop, cut-and-paste, printout, extraction into temp folders); support for form processing; the ability to save reader input; the ability to limit the use of unregistered copies in content and time (only in EBook Maestro Pro); and an online activation module and a key generator (only in EBook Maestro Pro).

EBook Maestro v1.50 runs under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. A standard version of the product is available at $35.95 for a single user license. A professional version with an extended support for commercial epublishing is priced at $69.95 for the same single user license. EBook Maestro with core functionality is also available as a freeware. For one month's duration of the launch campaign EBook Maestro STANDARD and EBook Maestro PRO are offered at a 40% discount to their regular prices. The coupon code for the discount is "C2044NN50" and it is redeemable at the Web site.