Ebook Lender LendInk Suspended

Aug 13, 2012

Ebook lending site, LendInk, was suspended after a series of cease and desist letters were sent to the website's host from a number of authors, according to Geekosystem. LendInk worked by matching up those who wish to borrow books with those looking to loan them. Once the two parties found each other, they were then directed to a digital book company's website, such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, where the loan could be completed. LendInk is currently offline.

LendInk was accused of hosting and pirating ebooks on the site which caused concerned publishers and authors to generate the cease and desist letters to the company's host. The loaning of ebooks is still murky territory and though the site did not host books,it has shut down. The owner of LendInk, Dale Porter, has been given the chance to bring the site back online if he were to answer each complaint individually but does "not know if it is worth the effort at this point," according to Geekosystem.