EasyAsk Unveils Enterprise 9, V9.1; Forbes.com Selects EasyAsk Enterprise 9

Mar 16, 2004

EasyAsk, a provider of information access software, has announced the general availability of EasyAsk Enterprise 9, version 9.1 and the selection of Enterprise 9, version 9.1 by Forbes.com. With this new release, EasyAsk intends to deliver a universal information access solution for the global enterprise. By extending its search and dynamic navigation technology across business functions, such as selling, servicing, employee self-service, and business intelligence, EasyAsk Enterprise 9 enables organizations to accelerate business decision- making.

Among the new features in the new EasyAsk Enterprise platform is an enterprise-search broker technology. With this feature, EasyAsk enables users to search and retrieve answers transparently from multiple sources, without the barrier of having to understand where information resides. This ensures that workers can freely access records, documentation, reports, and supplementary materials to get their questions answered.

EasyAsk unifies disparate and distributed content, enabling organizations to dynamically respond to customers, employees, and partners. EasyAsk Enterprise 9 features a J2EE-compliant and service-oriented architecture. Several key features in the EasyAsk Enterprise 9 platform include: "Direct to answer" highlighting--This feature allows employees and customers to zero in on the specific answer, which is highlighted in the resulting response(s); Results summarization--In instances where a single answer is not an option or a specific response is not available, this feature provides a summary of a document, revealing clues about the content of the results so that users can identify the most relevant documents faster; and Administration dashboard--New features were added in the latest version of EasyAsk Enterprise to support the requirements of dynamic organizations.

EasyAsk has also announced that Forbes.com has selected Enterprise 9, version 9.1. Through the addition of the new EasyAsk search technology, Forbes.com seeks to provide online visitors with an advanced solution that allows them to easily search through the site's collection of articles, lists, and multimedia. With EasyAsk Enterprise, business analysts, academics, industry researchers and other visitors to Forbes.com can now search through archives of both structured and unstructured information such as Forbes.com annual lists, using queries ranging from a full question to a single word or phrase. Forbes.com Inc., is a resource for senior business executives, providing them commentary, analysis, relevant tools, community, and real-time reporting. Throughout the business day Forbes.com publishes more than 1,500 articles, delivering Forbes journalism and that of its selected partners.

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