EasyAsk Offers Enterprise9 Search Platform for eCommerce as Managed Service

May 18, 2004

EasyAsk, a provider of search and information retrieval solutions, has announced the launch of the EasyAsk ASP Program, a secure hosted version of its EasyAsk Enterprise9 for eCommerce. EasyAsk has partnered with SysIQ to host the new EasyAsk ASP Program, and provide security and network connectivity in an effort to enable a low maintenance, cost-effective solution. Initially targeting the small- to mid-sized eCommerce market, EasyAsk ASP offers qualified companies EasyAsk's integrated search, navigation, merchandising, and analytics through an application service provider (ASP) model for a low cost of entry. EasyAsk's language-processing capability is designed to support synonyms, accommodate misspellings, and enable cross selling and up-selling that is targeted to a customer's interests. EasyAsk can also be integrated with existing supply chain and inventory management technologies.

(http://www.easyask.com), (http://www.sysiq.com)