EVault Introduces Email and Instant Message Monitoring and Archiving Solution

May 14, 2004


EVault, Inc., a provider of online data protection and recovery solutions, has announced the introduction of EVault ProMail, an outsourced email and instant message (IM) monitoring and archiving service. EVault ProMail enables customers to ensure that their email communications are maintained in an easily accessible archive compliant with regulatory requirements without having to internally manage a complex and costly infrastructure.


The Web-based EVault ProMail service is designed specifically to help companies comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and securities-related regulations, including broker-dealers compliance with regulatory requirements with SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 and the NASD NTM 98-11 and 03-33 regarding the surveillance, use and permanent record retention of electronic communications.


By automatically scanning all inbound, outbound, interoffice emails and IMs for non-compliant language, EVault ProMail helps reduce the number of electronic communications that must be manually reviewed by compliance officers. In addition, EVault ProMail is equipped with dynamic message retrieval and search capabilities, allowing effortless Web-based message retrieval and flexible message searches based on determined rules, email names or phrases.


EVault features include: Customizable and enforceable rules, which enable the customer to modify the solution with compliance-specific keywords and phrases; flexible administration, supporting multi-tiered email and IM monitoring for branch or corporate offices and multiple email configurations, corporate and public IM networks; automatic updates, alerting administrators when rules have been changed or need to be reviewed; complete message encryption and required security access to archived messages; acnd compliant archiving, ensuring financial customers meet regulations governing the storage and retrieval of email and IM


EVault ProMail supports Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino and Novell Groupwise as well as a variety of IM platforms including AOL, MSN, and Yahoo!