ETI and Truvideo Team up on Monet TV Mobile Media Solution

May 24, 2005

EyeMail Technologies, Inc. (ETI), in a joint development effort with TruVideo, has announced the release of Monet TV. The venture was proposed and introduced by FreeVerse Partners, a Tokyo company as part of ongoing business development on behalf of TruVideo. Monet TV will be launched in Asia beginning with Singapore on Symbian equipped handsets. From there deployment is scheduled throughout Asia and eventually globally. Monet TV will feature embedded video and interactive content combined with a rich user interface designed for intuitive use. ETI was established in 2000 in Beijing. Since then, it has worked with handset manufacturers and telecom service providers to create mobile media solutions. Founded in 2000, TruVideo, a Berkeley California based company, provides technology products and end-to-end services for enabling multimedia on cell phones.