ESRI Adds Data Sources to ArcWeb Services

Jan 14, 2005

ESRI, a provider of geographic information system (GIS) software, has announced significant additions to the data offered via ArcWeb Services. Highlights of the added data include imagery from GlobeXplorer, road network data from NAVTEQ, detailed data for Australia from MapData Sciences, and Italian data from ESRI Italia. ArcWeb Services are GIS Web services that give users access to both geographic content and GIS capabilities on demand when needed. With ArcWeb Services, data storage, maintenance, and updates are handled by ESRI. ArcWeb Services can be used by developers to build or extend their applications as well as by ArcGIS Desktop users to supplement their local data.

GlobeXplorer Premium Aerial & Satellite Image Service-This online data set is a collection of data from the United States' top providers of earth imagery-featuring data from AirPhotoUSA, DigitalGlobe, EarthSat, i-cubed, United States Geological Survey, Cities Revealed, and many other partners from around the world. The most detailed of the imagery in this data set ranges from one meter to three-inch pixel resolution. The archive is continually updated with new imagery.

NAVTEQ-ArcWeb Services now offer detailed road network data for North America from NAVTEQ, with data for additional countries coming soon. NAVTEQ Maps provide elevation contours to help drivers orient themselves when navigating in unfamiliar places. NAVTEQ Maps can be used to create street network maps, find driving directions, geocode and reverse geocode, find places near other locations, and determine the attributes of the road network.

Australian data-This data is provided by MapData Sciences using the Public Sector Mapping Agencies Suburb and Localities data as a base. It includes a complete transportation network including freeways, highways, main roads, suburban streets, paths, unsealed roads, and vehicular tracks. Other layers include airports, beaches, bridges, built-up areas, town points, contours, points of interest (POI), leisure facilities, parks, national parks, Aboriginal lands, railway lines and stations, rivers, lakes, sport venues, and state and region boundaries as well as other features that are identified by Australia Post as delivery areas. Users can perform geocoding and reverse geocoding on the Australian data.

Italian data-This data includes Italian street maps based on layers elaborated by ESRI Italia together with the Tele Atlas Italian database. Maps are based on vector data sets simulating blocks in styles similar to the most popular Italian maps. Maps include POIs. The service includes geocoding and queries on the underlying data.