EPiServer 7 CMS

Oct 31, 2012

EPiServer, a provider of multichannel digital marketing and e-commerce software, announced the availability of EPiServer 7 CMS, a content management system that allows marketers and editors to create content that works across channels. Businesses can optimize their online presence for conversions and results by delivering a consistent customer experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop screens from one platform.

According to the August, 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. report: "Unify The Digital Experience Across Touchpoints" by Stephen Powers, "Pulling content from multiple sources and contextually transforming it to support unified digital experiences will be one of the biggest challenges in this space in the next several years."

With EPiServer 7 CMS, marketers and content creators will also have the ability to:

  • Organize, manage and edit all multimedia files from one location.
  • Scale to enterprise needs and support large volumes of traffic and editors across many sites.
  • Manage all online activity and meet all security needs, to include protecting customers' data or financial transactions online.
  • Test, measure and modify content to increase conversions, for a landing page, single campaign, multiple websites or all digital marketing assets.
  • Personalize website content for each visitor to improve conversions.