EOS International Advances EOS.Web Enterprise with Web-based Modules

Oct 01, 2004

EOS International has announced the release of new Web-based add-on modules to the EOS.Web Enterprise library automation and knowledge management solution. These modules are designed to help simplify special library internal operations and improve service while providing for growth and change.

The EOS.Web Enterprise Reference Tracking module tracks and coordinates research requests ranging from short, factual requests to in-depth and time-consuming reference questions, in an effort to promote a higher level of research service continuity. This module also enables the information professional to create an online "Hot Topics" or "Frequently Asked Questions" database which can be organized by subject area or practice group. Time spent conducting research and the resources used are tracked to help the information professional identify trends. Concise management reports are created which provide info on the library's research request handling operations and can be used for internal or external billing purposes.

The EOS.Web Enterprise Web Services module is intended to enable libraries to tightly integrate their library operations within a Web Services architecture in conjunction with other Web-based software applications such as a research portal, to improve library services workflow management and expand and customize library service.

EOS library automation software products (EOS.Web Express, EOS.Web Enterprise, EOS Q-Series, EOS GLAS, and hosted, EOS e-Library Services) are designed to serve the knowledge and content management needs of corporate, legal, medical, government, and special libraries.