EMC to Use NexaWeb in Storage Management Products; Announces New Product

May 19, 2006


NexaWeb Technologies, Inc. has announced that EMC Corporation is licensed to utilize NexaWeb's Rich Internet Application (RIA) software in EMC's storage and information management products. NexaWeb's technology for building and deploying RIAs is now integrated into EMC ControlCenter 5.2 and the recently released Symmetrix Management Console. NexaWeb will provide maintenance, support, training, and services to ensure complete product and platform compatibility.

NexaWeb has also announced the general availability of jRex 1.0, a server-agnostic XML UI engine that generates enterprise Web applications running in any browser. jRex 1.0 is currently available to developers as a fully-functional edition, free of charge for non-commercial use. jRex offers developers the ability to create enterprise RIAs utilizing any middle-tier technology, including Microsoft .NET, SOA, Web Services, or native Java. jRex 1.0 features include: support for "codeless" or traditional programming for enhanced UI development; a data platform for binding middle-tier data to UI elements by defining the UI and data sources, binding data to the UI, and updating the UI and the data using client-side Xupdate; support for traditional programming models such as JavaScript, client-side Java, or server-side processes, including ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Servlet, Struts, SOA, or Web Services; the ability to work with any SOA infrastructure, including those from BEA, IBM, Oracle or SAP; and a single code base that runs on all desktops and on all browsers, including Firefox as well as on any OS.