EMC Certifies DocuWare 5.1 for Centera Storage Systems

Feb 13, 2007

EMC has announced that Centera Storage Systems can be integrated in DocuWare 5.1. This was confirmed by EMC after officially certifying the integration with the latest version of DocuWare. EMC enlisted AppLabs Technologies (a global IT services company specialized in certification solutions) to verify that Centera Storage Systems and DocuWare 5.1 ENTERPRISE Server would be compatible. The newest DocuWare version qualified for the "EMC Centera Proven" logo. It also means that secure, tamper-proof, long-term archiving directly out of DocuWare into Centera Storage Systems is ensured--even for very large quantities of electronic information. Other advantages of Centera Systems are their scalability and reliability, characteristics they share with DocuWare 5.1 ENTERPRISE Server.