EMC Announces LEAP and InfoArchive 4.0

May 10, 2016

EMC's Enterprise Content Division announced EMC Leap (formerly Project Horizon) and InfoArchive 4.0. EMC LEAP is a suite of purpose-built, cloud-native content apps. Unlike other offerings in the market, EMC LEAP says its apps deliver enterprise-grade content management capabilities combined with the most intuitive user experience for diverse business use cases.  

The EMC LEAP family will consist of both EMC and third-party content apps, a modular platform and a premier marketplace, powered by a rich set of content services. The five apps EMC announced include:

  • LEAP Courier
  • LEAP Snap
  • LEAP Concert
  • LEAP Express
  • LEAP Focus

EMC also announced a new partnership with DocuSign, a leader in electronic signatures, to integrate this functionality into a variety of EMC LEAP apps. InfoArchive 4.0 is a unified enterprise platform that powers extreme compliant archiving scenarios at petabyte scale. EMC InfoArchive 4.0 enhances the ability to secure and leverage large amounts of critical application data and content. With its fast time to value and the small footprint, EMC InfoArchive 4.0 is an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their data center and application environments.