EGO7 Releases CMSmx and COMmx Add-On Module

May 14, 2004

Web application development firm EGO7 has announced general availability of CMSmx, a Web-enabled solution for enterprises and site developers to architect, produce, and manage interactive content and Web-based applications. EGO7 also announced the release of COMmx, a new add-on module for CMSmx, designed to enable organizations to integrate online community portals, including intranet or extranet functionality, with CMSmx-supported sites.

Built using Macromedia's Flash MX, CMSmx is designed to make it easy to develop dynamic, engaging Web sites using Flash by removing the technical complexities associated with updating and managing Flash-based content. Through a standard Web browser, users can access the CMSmx suite of administration modules and add or modify Flash-based text, media, and database-driven content.

EGO7 has also released COMmx, an add-on module to CMSmx that allows organizations to add Flash-based online communities to their Web sites. COMmx provides a means for the immediate deployment of public or secure intranets and extranets, ideal for Web-based businesses, social networking, collaboration, project management, and vendor management. Through COMmx, community members can use live video chat supported by Flashcom Server, an Event Manager for adding events and commentary, User Profiles used to share links, images, and image content galleries with other members, a Bulletin Board with thread subscription options, and a personalized RSS feed reader. On the management side, COMmx leverages the Flash MX platform to enable the creation of a multi-task environment, offering a virtual desktop to centrally manage a range of tasks online and in real-time. COMmx also allows organizations to deploy customized, Web-based applications within a single, secure interface.

CMSmx and COMmx work with Microsoft Windows2000 Web Server, Microsoft .NET, SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition, and SQLXML 3.0. Macromedia Communication Server can also be used with COMmx. Available immediately, CMSmx pricing starts at $14,000 for a 5-user license. A hosted version is also available. The COMmx standard suite costs $22,000.  All purchases include free installation, training, and one month of free technical support. Additional site licenses are priced at $5,000 each. Enterprise and volume pricing are also available.