EDUCOM and eManage Offer Email Records Management Solution

Aug 15, 2003


EDUCOM and eManage have undergone further product integration with the latest releases of their software products. The integration of EAS 3.0 from EDUCOM and eManage/EN v4.5, the recent release from eManage, Inc. builds upon their five-year technology alliance and is designed for customers who require both email archiving and records management functionality in Microsoft environments.

The eManage solution categorizes electronic records into a corporate taxonomy, retaining them, and identifying discrepancies when compared to the corporate policies. The latest release, eManage/EN v4.5, adds Web-based functionality, improves access security to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint environments, and maintains the records with strong security within their native repositories.

The combined capabilities of the integrated solution from EDUCOM and eManage include providing the customer with a uniform lifecycle management solution for their electronic records; long-term storage; search and retrieval of documents and email records; integration in Microsoft server environments; improved retention compliance capabilities; and global enterprise scalability.

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