EDGAR Online Announces Data Visualization Product

Jun 24, 2005

EDGAR Online, Inc., a provider of business and financial information on global companies to financial, corporate, and advisory professionals, has announced the launch of I-Metrix Vision, a product designed to integrate financial data in eXtensible Business Reporting Language with visualization software.

I-Metrix Vision is designed to give analysts, auditors, and corporate executives the information and tools they need to identify opportunities, spot potential risks or anomalies, and analyze competitors through an interface.

I-Metrix Vision is intended to leverage Theoris Vision Software to allow customers to consolidate data from internal and external sources into a user interface, or "dashboard." Clients can incorporate information from any source in any location into their dashboards. Sources may include audited management reports, business intelligence systems, enterprise applications, intranets, extranets, the Internet and I-Metrix XBRL data.

(www.theoris.com) (www.edgar-online.com)