ECNext Powers Web Commerce Site for The Information Network

Jul 06, 2004

ECNext, a provider of technology and services for marketing, selling, and delivering commercial business content via the Web, has announced the launch of an ecommerce site for The Information Network, a market research and consulting company targeting the semiconductor, computer, and telecommunications industries. The ECNext-powered solution is intended to boost marketing of The Information Network's information content by offering a variety of options, from a full report to a single specific chart. This increases the visibility of the Information Network's market intelligence to existing and new business users by ensuring that the relevant keywords in each section are exposed to search engines' indexes. The Information Network's ECNext-powered ecommerce solution includes a range of marketing, online sales, and digital rights management (DRM) capability required for selling business information on the Web. With the ECNext-powered solution, information content from The Information Network research and analysis is more readily available as a "self service" purchase for business executives needing in-depth business information.