EBooks Corporation and Dawson Books Announce Strategic Partnership

Apr 20, 2004


eBooks Corporation, supplier of electronic books, and Dawson Books, an academic library supplier, have announced a strategic partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, Dawson will market and distribute eBook Library (EBL), eBooks Corporation's forthcoming ebook library product, to their network of UK and European academic libraries. Set to launch in June 2004, EBL is an ebook lending platform aimed at the needs of academic and research libraries. EBL will include titles from academic publishers across all disciplines, concentrating in the areas of Science, Technology and Medicine. Plans are underway for the integration of EBL ebooks into 'enterBooks.com' and ‘enterProfile.com,' Dawson's proprietary acquisition systems. This integration is intended to enable Dawson's clients to browse and purchase ebooks along with their print books and other materials.  

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