EBSCO's Electronic Journals Service Data Available on EBSCOhost

Oct 07, 2005

EBSCO has created the EJS E-Journals database to provide the end user with a single interface for both EBSCOhost database searches and article-level searches within EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service (EJS). EJS E-Journals are available to any EJS Enhanced customer who currently subscribes to at least one EBSCOhost database. EJS customers who meet these criteria will have EJS E-Journals automatically activated.

Features of EJS E-Journals include the ability to use the EBSCOhost interface as a single-stop article-level search for all EBSCOhost online databases, and all ejournals ordered through EBSCO that are currently accessible within EJS (this includes more than 6.4 million articles from more than 8,800 journals). End users are able to browse the journals available through EJS as well as use the standard EBSCOhost features to set up table of contents alerts and search alerts. Access to ejournal content is enabled by EBSCO's proprietary SmartLinks feature. Further, search results may be downloaded into bibliographic management software such as ProCite, Reference Manager, End Notes, etc.