EBSCOhost EJournals Service Expands Biomedical Content

Jun 23, 2006

The American Diabetes Association, The Endocrine Society, and IEEE have recently added their content collectively representing 13 biomedical titles to EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service Enhanced.

With the addition of this metadata, participating publisher's content will be accessible at the article level in addition to the journal level. EJS handles electronic journal access and management needs. EJS Enhanced offers features that are designed to help with ejournal management tasks such as tracking the registration status of ejournals, authentication assistance to facilitate both on-campus and remote access to ejournal content, automatic management of ejournal URLs, and more. 

It serves as a gateway that allows users to search and link to more than 13,600 journals and nearly 7.7 million articles. EBSCO provides URLs for every journal, table of contents, and articles in EJS Enhanced.