EBSCO and Stacks Inc. Announce the Release of Stacks

Sep 27, 2016

Libraries can now change the look and feel of their websites instantly with the release of Stacks, a hosted, turnkey web content management system designed specifically for libraries. Stacks is available through EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO).

With Stacks’ customizable themes, configurable drag-and-drop layouts, social media integrations, granular user roles, and multi-language support for more than 60 languages, libraries are now able to create online content more easily. Stacks allows libraries to market programs and services, manage event registrations and room bookings, conduct surveys and polls, and create research guides. It also enables libraries to surface all of their collections and provide the best possible search and discovery experience and more—all within one easy-to-use, dashboard-driven, responsive platform.

Stacks supports all external catalogs and a contemporary bento-box style search that enables each library to create a tailored search experience. Deep integrations with cover art, review, and recommendation providers, Integrated Library Systems, Google Places and many more are easy to configure and provide a rich and meaningful experience with every digital library visit.