EBSCO Publishing Introduces NoveList Select and Nonprofit Organization Reference Center

May 29, 2009

EBSCO Publishing and the creators of the readers’ advisory service, NoveList have released NoveList Select, which extends a library catalog by providing links to other books by leveraging NoveList content. NoveList Select helps avoid searches that occur when all copies of a book are checked out and provides readers with additional options for what to read next. With NoveList Select, each recommendation is a live link to the library catalog allowing users to discover new books that are available. NoveList & NoveList Plus enables users to view a list of similar and recommended books from more than four million titles—from within the catalog. NoveList Select also adds links to Recommended Reading Lists, Author Read-alikes, Book Discussion Guides, and additional feature content into the catalog results. NoveList Select also provides links from bibliographic records to the library’s newsletters and newsletter signup page.

EBSCO Publishing also announced it has designed a database to provide information to all types of nonprofit sector organizations. Nonprofit Organization Reference Center (NPORC) contains hundreds of thousands of records and coverage of more than 200 leading nonprofit and business-related publications, many of which are available in a searchable PDF format. The database is designed for nonprofit organizations, not-for-profit organizations, unincorporated nonprofit associations, and other related entities. The database is updated weekly and is available on the EBSCOhost platform. In addition, EBSCO offers the tools to integrate NPORC content into corporate intranets and portals.