EBSCO Publishing Announces Availability of GalleryWatch CRS Reports

Feb 20, 2007

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has announced the availability of GalleryWatch CRS Reports via the EBSCOhost platform, designed to give users access to an online collection of Congressional Research Service reports pertaining to all US legislative issues. GalleryWatch CRS Reports contains a collection of CRS (Congressional Research Service) reports available online. Originally written for members of Congress, these reports include nonpartisan, objective analysis, and research on all legislative issues. The GalleryWatch CRS Reports database includes abstracts and PDF full text for more than 25,000 CRS reports and is updated daily, designed to enable researchers to keep track of issues as they are presented and discussed in the environment of Capitol Hill. Content spans 1993-present and covers a host of subject areas including: economics, environment, foreign affairs, immigration, medicine, civil rights, national security, terrorism, and more. Current and archived versions of each report are included, providing coverage of edits and amendments.

(www.ebscohost.com; www.gallerywatch.com)