EBSCO Publishing Announces Availability of Executive Daily Brief

Jan 13, 2006

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has announced the release of Executive Daily Brief (EDB), a result of a partnership with the Content Analyst Company. EDB combines Content Analyst's Concept Search with the variety of content offered by EBSCO, to create a customizable business information monitoring and alert service.

EDB is designed to enable users to search for conceptually-related content by entering phrases, paragraphs, or entire articles into a search box. EDB then intuitively finds and retrieves the relevant information. EDB actually"trains" itself as it operates, creating a more intelligent search with each use. Users set up customized folders on topics or projects of their own choosing. EDB monitors more than 10,000 business sources each day and automatically places relevant articles into the appropriate project folders for review, based upon example documents, emails, or articles that the user places in each folder.

EDB's content repository includes business journals, current articles, and real-time business news from a variety of information sources. Along with EDB's own content resources, users may customize EDB's content by exposing other sources of data to the Concept Search, such as pertinent company documents and intranet resources.

(www.ebsco.com; www.contentanalyst.com)