EBSCO Publishing Adds Optional Resource

Feb 17, 2006

EBSCO Publishing has announced the addition of an optional resource within the Health Library database designed to benefit pregnancy and birthing centers and their patients. The Pregnancy & Birthing Center of Excellence is an additional component that can be added onto existing Health Library subscriptions.

EBSCO Publishing's Health Library provides access to coverage of health, wellness, and other medical-related topics. The Pregnancy and Birthing Center of Excellence is a way for hospitals and other medical facilities to offer additional patient education resources on their Web site to benefit their communities. From pre-conception to labor and delivery to perinatal care, the Pregnancy and Birthing Center of Excellence (COE) provides the patient information content. Detailed Classroom articles offer an overview of pregnancy and the birth process. These articles are complemented by additional resources including but not limited to: condition and procedure fact sheets, reports, alternative treatments, wellness articles, research in the news, interactive tools, and a glossary. Many of the articles include medical illustrations that assist in understanding specific treatments or conditions related to pregnancy and birthing.

All of the content included in Health Library and the Pregnancy and Birthing Center of Excellence is written by health and medical writers and independently reviewed by experts. All of the data in Pregnancy & Birthing COE is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to reflect recent information and research available.

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