EBSCO Publishing Acquires PEMSoft

Jan 09, 2013

EBSCO Publishing has expanded its evidence-based healthcare content with the acquisition of PEMSoft, a pediatric point-of-care clinical information resource. PEMSoft is an online clinical library and multimedia decision support system that addresses acute and chronic illness, as well as injury conditions in children from newborn to young adult. PEMSoft was founded in 2003 by Ronald Dieckmann, MD, MPH, and Rob Pitt, MD.

PEMSoft is available in either U.S. or U.K. English. The product features nearly 1,000 topics and nearly 3,000 proprietary medical images and videos, as well as several interactive tools for clinicians. The software is completely designed for fast, point-of-care use at the patient's bedside. The extensive use of links, and intuitive navigation and search features make finding specialized topics easy.

PEMSoft's editorial board includes renowned physicians from highly regarded institutions such as Baylor, Chicago Children's Memorial Hospital, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Duke, Stanford University, UCLA, and University of Washington. PEMSoft's design and use of evidence-based content and multimedia elements help to assure access to online clinical information is fast, simple and intuitive.

Dr.s Dieckmann and Pitt will continue their work as editors-in-chief with PEMSoft.