EBSCO Publishing Acquires "Career" Resources from COIN Educational Products

Nov 10, 2006

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) and COIN Educational Products (COIN) has announced that the companies have finalized an agreement whereby EBSCO acquired the high school career guidance product line from COIN. As a result of this agreement, applicable COIN products including COIN Career Library, COIN Career Community, and Coin Career Guidance, will be hosted and supported by EBSCO. COIN will remain the owner and provider of its own line of materials pertaining to K-8 career guidance and educational planning. The products provide tools for students and advisors to delve into self-assessment as it relates to career and higher education planning, and to gather detailed information on the specific careers and institutions that match their skills, interests, etc.

(www.ebsco.com; www.coinedu.com)