EBSCO Finalizing RoweCom Integration

Dec 05, 2003

EBSCO Industries, Inc. (EBSCO) is in the final stages of fully integrating the RoweCom acquisition. This includes RoweCom U.S., Canada and Australia as well as RoweCom Europe. EBSCO has also announced that it will continue operations in the Boston area (the former RoweCom office in Westwood, Mass., U.S.A.). EBSCO will continue work there under the leadership of Susan Kalalas, operations manager. EBSCO's international presence has been extended by the merger of the existing EBSCO office in Orsay, France with the former RoweCom office in Villebon, France. All employees are now operating from the Villebon location. To support this larger office in France, EBSCO has upgraded the systems in the U.K. that provide information technology (IT) support for Europe. The IT support for the former RoweCom European operations is provided from Folkestone, U.K.