EBSCO Announces Availability of Health Library

Nov 22, 2005

EBSCO Publishing has announced the availability of Health Library. This resource allows hospitals and other medical facilities to enhance their Web sites with a patient education service. In addition, Health Library is a solution for public libraries and corporations seeking to provide patrons/employees with information on personal health & wellness.

Health Library provides comprehensive coverage of health, wellness, and other medical-related topics. With a collection of resources on conditions, procedures, interactive tools, news from medical journals, and more than 75 Wellness and Therapeutic Centers, this database is a resource for patient/consumer education needs. All of the content is written for the lay reader and organized in the way that most consumers seek information—from Basic to In-Depth to Comprehensive. The content included in Health Library is written and reviewed by experts. All proprietary content is URAC accredited. Each item undergoes a multi-layered review process before it is made available to end-users. The data in Health Library is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to reflect the most recent information and research available.