EBSCO A-to-Z Now Offers Unicode Searching, Browsing, and Sorting

Dec 04, 2007

To meet the needs of its international customers, EBSCO A-to-Z (A-to-Z) now offers enhanced Unicode searching, browsing, and sorting, intended to allow customers to find results for non-English language titles that have been added to their A-to-Z title list. "Unicode" provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the program or language, allowing the characters of any world language to be represented electronically. With A-to-Z's Unicode browsing, the alphabetic menu can be customized to include an alternate alphabet. In addition, users have the ability to add titles to A-to-Z in their native language, allowing full customization of the title list to fit their local language needs. With Unicode sorting, titles can be sorted properly for any language, instead of makeshift categories for unusual foreign characters.