E Ink Receives Investment from Intel Capital

Mar 25, 2005

E Ink Corporation, a developer and marketer of electronic paper display technology, has announced that Intel Capital has invested an undisclosed amount in the company. E Ink Corporation products are designed to enable a new type of electronic display with a bright white background and crisp text and pictures similar to printed documents. Once updated, the display can maintain an image without using power, enabling over 90% power savings compared to traditional displays and greatly extending the battery life of portable devices. Some versions are available on plastic and can be flexed and rolled, combining the complete look and feel of a paper document with the versatility of digital control and wireless update. The company's products are used in electronic book devices, information kiosks, and advertising signage. Future uses for E Ink's technology include smartcards, watches, clocks, medical devices, consumer electronics, and mobile phones. E Ink has also announced the addition of Geoff Wild, CEO and President of Nikon Precision, Inc., to its Board of Directors.
(www.eink.com; www.intel.com/capital)

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