E! Builds Digital Asset Information System With BEA WebLogic

Nov 12, 2002


E! Networks, a provider of entertainment news and information, has built its Digital Asset Information System (DAISY) on BEA's WebLogic Enterprise Platform in an effort to efficiently archive, manage, and retrieve content from more than 250,000 videotapes and digitized media. In addition to simplifying the archival and retrieval processes, DAISY is intended to add value to the production process. The system tracks the metadata associated with each asset so that producers and editors have access to information such as: the context of raw footage; when the usage rights may expire; the length of each audio or video clip; when it may have aired previously; and whether or not it includes closed captioning. E! also plans to leverage the BEA WebLogic platform's extensibility to add a browser-based editing capability to DAISY that will further shorten the production process by enabling producers to complete many routine editing tasks from their desktops. E! selected BEA based on BEA's support for open standards, which protects E! from being locked into a single technology vendor, performance and scalability, the speed with which E! was able to build and deploy DAISY, and the ease of integration between BEA WebLogic and a variety of content databases that E! already had in place.