DrivenBI Gives Salesforce Users Integrated Analysis with Any Outside Data Source

Aug 02, 2016

DrivenBI announced its analysis platform is available to Salesforce users. SRK is a cloud-native, self-service business intelligence (BI) tool that empowers business professionals and doesn't require IT. Thanks to the latest version of SRK (3.0), DrivenBI's self-service data analysis platform provides remarkably easy to use analytical features and totally customizable data visualizations of virtually any data, all accessible inside the Salesforce system.

SRK's infrastructure is completely cloud-native making it inherently easy to integrate outside data sources - including the seamless integration of spreadsheets, relational databases, web services, thirdparty cloud-based services, networking devices, and social media. Salesforce users can simply click on the SRK Analytics tab in Salesforce and see an integrated view and analysis of virtually any outside data.

SRK is integrated with Salesforce to deliver a centralized and secure cloud-native platform to analyze data, design dashboard, and collaborate with colleagues, all while reducing reliance on IT. SRK completely eliminates the need to export Salesforce reports into spreadsheets. Users simply select the desired Salesforce reports to include in their analysis in SRK to create dynamic analysis, real-time dashboards, and scheduled reports, all inside the Salesforce system. Without any programing, data warehousing, or OLAP component, users can now make immediate business decisions based on real-time analysis.