Documentum Offers Enterprise Records Management Edition

Apr 08, 2003


Documentum, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM), has announced Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition, the latest release of Documentum's standards-compliant, enterprise-scalable solution for the management of both physical and electronic records, including email and attachments. The Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition automates the management of all types of records--including incoming and outgoing email and attachments, documents, Web content, graphics, video and physical records--from creation through archiving or destruction. This new solution also offers automatic records classification capabilities in an effort to enable accurate archiving, fast searching, and rapid retrieval. Key capabilities include: Automatic and consistent capture, records classification, archival, and disposition of all types of content from all types of sources, based on corporate, regulatory, or legal requirements; Automatic categorization and tagging of records with descriptive properties, enabling fast, accurate classification, search, navigation and retrieval of archived records; Multi-level security to prevent unauthorized access to archived records; and Automated monitoring of records and email, flagging of questionable content, and notification of potential issues requiring additional review. The Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition enables organizations to automate, uniformly apply, and validate retention and disposition policies for volumes of records stored in disparate repositories. The Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition is certified against the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 and UK Public Record Office standards for electronic recordkeeping systems. In addition, the Documentum Enterprise Records Manager Edition is integrated with online storage solutions, such as optical storage and EMC Centera content addressed storage, providing end-to-end systems that ensure the proper retention of enterprise content on storage level.